We warmly welcome you to the home of Southport Music Festival.

Entries are now closed.

Each entrant will receive a confirmation email during August.

IMPORTANT – music entries requesting our piano accompanist MUST send the music to our Music Secretary as soon as possible to enable our accompanists to practice.

The Festival dates for 2022  are October 14, 15 & 16.

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If you purchase items through Amazon then they will donate one half of 1% of what you spend to our Festival – at no additional cost to you.

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In these difficult times we expect no income though there are still some outgoings – fees to the Federation and website costs for example.

Income from Amazon will help us to pay these costs without eroding our reserves which we will need to relaunch the Festival.

The 2022 Festival Plan

Our Festival was founded in 1907 – and the picture below is from that very year.

The Festival went on to survive the 1st World War and the 2nd World War as well as the pandemic of 1919/20 (see 1907 picture below).

It has survived this one.

We are a friendly Festival. We maintain low entry fees to encourage maximum participation from the community and all entrants are welcome.

The adjudicators selected give supportive and constructive feedback SO why not enter to sing, read poetry, act in a drama, and/or play an instrument.

All the provisional 2022 classes are listed – so click on the menu tabs to see what is available. The days shown for each class are PROVISIONAL since actual entries in 2022 may force us to move some classes if necessary.

N.B. No adult singing classes will last beyond 5.00pm on the Sunday as we do not wish to discourage entrants from outside the immediate area.

Good Luck 

We are affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals

Patron: Her Majesty, The Queen


The Southport Festival of Music (including Speech and Drama) since 1907

Registered Charity Number: 503797