We are introducing a Patron scheme. With this we seek to harness the goodwill of those in the community wishing to support the development of music, speech and drama within the NorthWest.

For an annual payment of £30 Patrons will receive two open tickets so that the Patron and a friend can attend any or all of the events and classes without charge.

Your support for the Patron scheme is essential to the continued existence of the Southport Festival as without your support it will not be possible to expand and develop the Festival and the forum for talented performers will be likely to shrink further.

For the price of a good meal (or less than the price of a tank of petrol), please take this opportunity to support this important and historic local event.

Our aim is to enlist 100 Patrons as this will fund almost 30% of the budgeted costs.


The Festival is completely planned, run, and administered by volunteers. Volunteers can be adults of any age and a musical or acting background is not necessary! Most volunteers are needed during the Festival itself to act as Stewards. If you would like to volunteer – even for just a half-day or so, please contact us.

Patrons, Supporters and Donors

Our profound thanks are due to all those supporting the Festival, and in addition to some anonymous individuals and current members, the list below identifies recent supporters;

Corporate Supporters in the past include;     Waitrose Plc , Connard & Son Ltd, The Mayor of Sefton’s Charity Fund, The Broadhurst Trust, The Hemby Trust, and Southport Community Link.

Individual Patrons;      Lord Fearn of Southport      Mr & Mrs R James, Mr & Mrs M Pearson, Mrs E Helliwell, Mr S Hagan, Mrs H Hawarth, Mr M Kyle, Mr & Mrs BM Rimmer,  Mr & Mrs I Mcintosh, Mrs Ruth Loxham, Mr & Mrs R I Dexter