We are seeking one major donor to underpin almost 25% of the operating cost of the Festival. For sponsorship of £2000 we offer a package which will link the sponsor to the cultural wellbeing of both Southport and Sefton, as well as to the wider region as far as Wigan and beyond.

This is an important commercial opportunity for a business to be seen by its potential market as a public benefactor.

The package includes;

  • Wherever the Southport Music Festival is mentioned in articles and adverts the words ‘sponsored by xxxxxxxx’ will appear with due prominence.
  • On programmes, and other literature, the sponsor will be clearly highlighted.
  • The sponsor will be able to include a flyer and any vouchers in the loose-leaf programme.
  • The sponsor will be able to have a desk/display area during the duration of the Festival (October 7-9 2016)
  • The sponsor will feature on banners at the Festival venue.
  • Prominence on this website, including the Welcome page.
  • We plan an extensive press campaign (largely editorial) in May/June and again in September and the sponsor will be highlighted appropriately.
  • Ten open tickets for both the Gala opening evening (Friday October 7th 2016) and for the remainder of the Festival.

Why is this Festival important?
The Southport Music Festival is a forum for people of all ages to demonstrate their skills as singers and musicians, as well as skills in poetry reading, narrative speaking and acting. It is the only remaining Festival in the area as those in Crosby, Wigan, Leyland and St Annes have closed. Without our Festival there is a dearth of opportunities for amateurs (some of whom may later become professionals) to develop and display their skills to a public, and to have their efforts evaluated by professional adjudicators.

If you are interested to discuss this opportunity please email our treasurer iandexter@icloud.com



For a business or individual wanting to support the Festival, we offer different levels of involvement as follows:

  • Patron
    For a donation of £30 individuals will receive two open tickets for the whole Festival, and identification on the website. If wanted, a patron will receive emails when there is news to impart. This source of support is very important to the ongoing health of the Festival.
  • Supporter
    For a donation of £50 or more, associations, businesses or individuals will receive four open tickets for the whole of the Festival and identification on the website plus news emails if required. In addition companies may identify themselves in their own promotional efforts as ‘Supporters of the Southport Music Festival’.