1. All entries, with entrance fee, must be received  on or before September 30th 2022.

An entry is only a valid entry when any “own choice’ is complete. In this regard TBC is not acceptable. One form only for Duets, Duologues and Trios etc.
It is the responsibility of competitors to check that their entries have been received by the Festival.
N.B. An amateur is a person who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance defined by the class title in which he/she seeks to enter the Festival. Every entrant under the age of 18 will be considered an amateur.

2. The Committee reserves the right to:-
(a) Refuse any proposed entry
(b) Restrict entries in any class where the maximum number which can be adequately dealt with has been reached.
(c) Appoint replacement or additional adjudicators and accompanists and to modify, alter or cancel any of the arrangements detailed in the Syllabus.
(d) Withhold awards in any class in which it is considered that there are insufficient entries or a suitable standard has not been reached.

The names of competitors must appear on the Entry Form along with a contact address and telephone number.

4. When the entry list is closed, the Committee will decide the order of classes and will conduct a ballot for the order of competing. Competitors will be able to access on line the approximate time of commencement and location of each class they have entered.

5. Competitors entering a class for which there is a stated age or age limit must give their age as of the first day of the Festival on their Entry Forms.

6. No competitor will be allowed to compete with the same piece in more than one class.

7. Competitors not answering to their numbers when called upon to perform, unless appearing in classes running concurrently or having made previous arrangements with the Competitors’ Steward may be disqualified.

8. In own choice music classes, titles of all pieces, composers and duration must be stated on the Entry Form, otherwise entries will not be accepted.

9. Competitors may use the services of the professional accompanists engaged by the Festival. Where competitors use their own accompanist and that accompanist is accompanying competitors in more than one class, in the event of a clash of timing the official accompanist must be used.

10. All performances using music from shows in current production are subject to copyright law. Songs from shows in current production may be sung as a concert item, i.e, with no costume or movement without need for copyright permission. Where movement or costume are included in a performance copyright permission is required and the festival committee accepts these entries on the basis that the appropriate copyright permission has been sought. Performers or teachers with queries on how to obtain copyright permission for performance items should contact Festivals House on 01625 42897 before making their entries.

11. Own choice music competitors using the services of the official accompanist are requested to send one copy to the General Secretary to arrive by 28 August 2022. Should this request not be complied with, the accompanist, with the full backing of the Committee shall have the option of refusing to play. A further copy of music for the use of the adjudicator must be handed to one of the Stewards before the commencement of the class. No change of piece will be allowed.

12. Maximum and minimum time limits will be strictly enforced and competitors may be stopped if their piece exceeds the limit. They will receive an adjudication but will not be awarded a mark. Competitors may perform more than one piece provided they stay within the time limit.

13. Awards. Medals will be presented to winners in all classes. Prize certificates will be awarded to the first three winners. Merit Certificates will be awarded to children gaining 84 marks and over in classes designated for competitors over 12 but under 16 years of age who have not qualified for a First, Second or Third Certificate.

All children in classes designated for competitors under the age of 12 will receive a certificate of performance.

Speech and Drama Regulations

14. Copies of Own Choice pieces should not be sent in advance unless it is a piece of original writing when it should be forwarded to the General Secretary one month prior to the day of the competition. Other pieces should be handed to the Adjudicator’s Steward before the commencement of the class. Any cuts and omissions must be clearly indicated and in the case of copyright works the competitor is responsible for obtaining the required permission from the owner of the copyright before the competition.

Competitors learning the wrong poem for their age group will not be allowed to change classes.

The Southport Music Festival is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society. This means that entrants do not have to seek copyright permission for any poetry, prose or solo dramatic items* performed, to a time limit of 10 minutes. Performers and teachers will be delighted to know that their participation in the festival means that authors will be directly reimbursed as a consequence of their work being performed at this Festival.

Duologues and group activity are not covered by the above agreement, and copyright for these items should be sought by the performers at the time of entry.

* Solo dramatic items must be announced with title and author at the time of performance to qualify for copyright indemnity, and the performer must not change the words or gender of the character.

General Rules

15. Copies of the Adjudicators’ Reports (available free to every competitor) and Own Choice music should be collected from the appropriate table.

16. The Music Publishers’ Association Code of Practice on Photocopying Works makes the following concession for copying own choice pieces from volumes only for the use of the adjudicator at a festival, provided that the entrant or participant has already purchased his/her own copy, which must be on the premises for a performance. That the copy made is retained and destroyed by the Administrator of the festival immediately after the event.
Single copies of items may not be photocopies without the prior permission of the copyright holder. Failure to comply with this regulation which will be rigidly enforced, could incur extremely heavy fines for the Festival and competitors concerned.

17. No unauthorised photography, audio or video recording is permitted at our Festival.

18. The decision of the Committee in all matters arising out of, or not specifically covered in, the rules of the Festival is final.

The adjudicators will be using the marking system below as recommended by the Federation of Festivals.


75 – 77           A performance limited in its communication

78 – 80          A performance showing development of technique and/or communication

81 – 83          A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability

84 – 86         A convincing performance technically and artistically

87 –89         An excellent performance technically and artistically.

90+               An exceptional performance both technically and artistically (This mark range will usually be 90-95 except in the rarest of performances).