Solo Performers

Click the link below to see a list of all your scheduled performances at the Festival. To find your name scroll down the listings (which are in alphabetical order of the first name). This is best viewed on a pc or iMac rather than a tablet.

Link to appear here in September 2022

Group Performers

The view from the link below shows all performances involving two or more performers. This is also best viewed on a PC or iMac rather than on a tablet.

Link to appear here in September 2022

All Performers

Make a note of the time and location of each of your classes. We do not believe that there are any timing clashes and adjustments to the running order in a class will be made if a clash occurs through running late or for any other reason. Please ring Sue Dexter on 07713 485131 or text on the same number only if you feel that there is a major error in your schedule

On the day, arrive in good time for your class, and check in on arrival at the reception desk.

Light refreshments are available for purchase.